Saturday, June 27, 2009

Delegitimization and the process of unlearning

Now that Cap and Trade has passed and I'm sure Single Payer Health Care is soon to follow, I'm just wondering if people will *now* start ignoring government and the political class (not like there were thousands of reasons before). While watching the reactions on twitter, many conservatives were stunned that it passed and even more so to learn that some of their own "switched sides". Of course there was the typical wailing and gnashing of teeth, "vote 'em out!", "those traitors!". When will people learn? Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? The democrat partisans had eight years to learn about the horrors of government, but that all seems lost now that their "team" is in office. Obama and the democratic majority continue two atrocious wars, domestic spying continues and torture has been swept under the rug. Now that the republican partisans are in the minority maybe just maybe they will learn of the horrors their "team" wrought and experience what it's like to be the 49% that gets stomped to death. Maybe, some of the current "conservative" minority and the disillusioned antiwar, anti-torture, Obama supporters will take the time to educate themselves to the fact there is neither a left nor a right but a single political class bent on murder, assault and theft. There is only the state versus freedom. If everybody just started ignoring the political class, what could they do? Pass more laws? Even if the police were sent to control the masses, eventually they would run out of resources trying to arrest everyone. Public opinion of the police would erode after seeing peaceful individuals being arrested for doing nothing more than exerting their natural rights as human beings. What everybody needs to do now is start a delegitimization campaign or a campaign of "unlearning" about government and recognize what the political class really is. If the government becomes illegitimate in the minds of enough people, what power will they have? How will they enforce their laws, collect their taxes and fight their wars when they're viewed as a violent parasitic gang? Because of this realization, I've recently started on my own personal journey to study the ideas of liberty and to unlearn what has been forced upon me via the state. While I have just begun this process of unlearning, I can at least point others to the same places where my journey began. Hopefully these few initial steps will help others in their own personal journey.

To begin your own campaign of unlearning:

The Online Freedom Academy
Video: The Philosophy of Liberty
Audio Book:The Market for Liberty
Fundamentals of Volutaryism
Audio Book: For a New Liberty
Audio Book: Ethics of Liberty
Article by Rick Flame: The Rejection of Liberty
Audio: New Libertarian Manifesto
Audio: Agorist Class Theory

For more podcasts go visit Mike Gogulski has generously donated his time and energy to create several podcasts of essential libertarian essays. Definitely worth a listen.

Edit: spelling. de-legitimiz-ation.
Update: I guess this bill has not passed the senate yet. It passed the house.
Update: 2009-07-10: Looks like Cap and Trade has been postponed (probably waiting until nobody is looking)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thomas L. Knapp: The Political Class Is In Session

A few choice quotes from Thomas Knapp's C4SS commentary "The Political Class is in Session":

"The purpose of all, or nearly all, functions of the modern state is to facilitate and maximize the transfer of wealth from the pockets of the productive class to the bank accounts of the political class."

'The profiteering members of the political class reward their government-affiliated counterparts with campaign contributions, the delivery of constituent blocs to the polls, and lucrative employment opportunities after “retirement” from government “service.”'

Good article. Check it out here: